Our School

SAYFOL is an institution of learning where children from 60 different countries of the world are educated, whereby we endeavour to blend this international mixture of children causing a special effect of cordiality and harmony between one another in a manner so deep and sincere that once within the family, we believe and consider all of us, students, teachers and the support staff as one united family… The SAYFOLIAN Family.

The bonds that are created here cause the teachers and the children take pride in calling themselves ‘SAYFOLIANS’.

After having educated thousands of children from all over the world, for the past 25 years at SAYFOL in Kuala Lumpur, we have now arrived to impart the same education with academic excellence and personal care, coupled with high standards of discipline, to the children of Sabah and the region, desirous of such British Education.

With our strong values and love for the child, we are proud to be that rare institution, where the child and its wellbeing are paramount, and commercial values secondary.

SAYFOL is an institution inundated by accolades from Kings and Commoner alike, for our excellence in the education and overall development of the child, tending them to be the true future wealth of our world.

Giving the best of ourselves to your child from an infant to a teenager and achieving a consistent near 100% pass results at the GCE ‘O’ & ‘A’ Level Examinations and IGCSE, every year, and finding placements for our SAYFOLIANS in prestigious Universities from Oxford to Harvard, is a statement in itself about our commitment and dedication to the child.

Bring your child to SAYFOL where we will care for them as our very own, nurture them with tender love and sincere affection making them distinguished SAYFOLIANS, as we have done for a quarter century now, for the children from over 113 countries of the world who passed through our corridors of knowledge. Of your child as well, you will someday be proud, and content, that you did give the best in education.